Water Heater Installation in Fallbrook, CA

Water heaters are an integral part of our daily lives, so when they stop working, fast help is needed. No one wants to go long without having hot water, but the issue may not be able to be repaired, or a repair may not be worthwhile if the water heater is older. In these circumstances, it might be time to consider a new water heater in Fallbrook. At George Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how crucial it is to have hot water, and we can help if you’re looking for a trusted plumber. 

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How To Tell if You Need a Water Heater Installation in Fallbrook

Is it time to consider a water heater replacement? It’s not always easy to tell if repairs would be better, or if it’s time to call a professional water heater company. Some of the signs that you should call a water heater plumber for help include the following.

Age of Water Heater

Water heaters generally last around 10 years, so if your water heater is older than this, it’s a good idea to call for a tank or tankless water heater installation. Installing a new water heater can help save you money in the long run, as you’ll pay lower energy costs and avoid repairs.

Frequent Repairs Are Needed

If your water heater has been breaking down frequently in the last year or two, even if it’s not 10 years old yet, it might be time to consider a tank or tankless water heater installation. A new water heater will end the need for frequent repairs.

Leaking From Water Heater

If there are signs of a leak, it’s important to call a professional plumber in Fallbrook, CA like the ones at George Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning right away. Left unaddressed, the leak will get worse over time and start to cause water damage to the surrounding area. If the leak can’t be repaired due to its location or size, it may be time to start considering a water heater replacement service. 

Significant Sediment Buildup

Sediment can build up in the tank of your water heater over time. When this happens, it can start to cause corrosion inside the tank, which can lead to leaks, or can damage the plumbing from your water heater to your home. To prevent further issues, a new water heater installation may be needed.

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Ready to Upgrade

If your water heater is still working properly, but you’d like to look into alternative options or something that’s more energy-efficient, give us a call, and we will walk you through all the options available to upgrade your current system.

Types of Water Heater Installation in Fallbrook

There are many options for homeowners who are ready to install a new water heater. After choosing the main type, it’s important to choose the right size for the home and the correct model. The main types of water heaters available include the following. 

Gas Water Heater

If you prefer gas appliances, it may be a good idea to look into a gas unit. If your current water heater uses gas for power, the easiest option is to opt for a gas unit to replace it.

Electric Water Heater

If your home has an electric water heater, you may want to consider an electric water heater installation. An electric system can be done quickly to minimize the time without hot water.

Tankless Water Heater

If you’re ready to ditch the tank, consider a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters can provide tons of benefits, including hot water on demand throughout the house.

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It’s important to work with an experienced plumber in Fallbrook, CA. George Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is that plumber. An installation job can be more complex than it seems, and it is important to make sure it’s done right to prevent leaks or other serious issues. As experienced professionals, we have the equipment and skill needed to do the job right, know how to install any type of water heater for your home, and can make sure the installation is done quickly and efficiently. By calling for expert assistance, you can make sure everything is done right and will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your installation is in the best hands.

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Todd was awesome! We had multiple plumbers come out to diagnose and repair our hot water heaters and none of them were able to help. They all were to quick to push replacing my system. Todd was able to quickly diagnose the issue, get it fixed, and saved me thousands of dollars. George plumbing has earned my business for all plumbing and AC/heating work.David Mueller