HVAC Installation in Fallbrook, CA

An HVAC installation is not a project for the average person. This task requires knowledge and skills that most people don’t have. When you call George Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for help with heating and cooling installation, you’ll know the system will work when the job is complete. We make certain this is the case.

With our help, your HVAC system installation will be ready whether the temperature is climbing outside or you have a rare measurable snowfall. Call us today and we’ll set up an appointment to visit your home or business.

Why You Need a Professional for HVAC System Installation

The HVAC system works to heat and cool the home or business. Any mistakes during the HVAC installation service will interfere with its ability to do so. Attention to detail is crucial when installing a new heating and cooling system. Our team understands this. We guarantee your system will work as soon as we power it on.

Our technician performs a load calculation to determine the size of the unit needed to heat and cool the business properly. You may not be aware of all the factors that need to be considered when making this calculation.

They complete the job quickly and efficiently. In fact, they have the tools and equipment needed to get the job done when they arrive at the job site to install the new HVAC unit.

You may have to purchase the tools and equipment, which will increase the cost of the do-it-yourself installation. By working with us, you’ll often find you actually save money.

Safety remains the top priority when our technicians are installing a new HVAC unit. This is true whether you call for a residential or commercial HVAC installation. We treat your property as if it is our own and take care to leave it in better condition than we found it.

If a problem arises during the HVAC system installation, our technicians know how to address it. This ensures your system is up and running rapidly, so your home or business is at a comfortable temperature once again.

Call us today to discuss your project. Our team is ready to help in any way we can.

Additional Considerations When Installing an HVAC System

This work involves more than installing a new interior and exterior unit. This system won’t work efficiently if there are any problems with the ductwork, for example.

We place the unit in the correct location and follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. If you do these steps, it takes more time, as you would only need to do this task once every 10 to 20 years.

Our team handles HVAC installations regularly. They know which steps to take and how to do them properly. With our help, your system will be operational in a short time.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our work doesn’t end when your heating and cooling installation project is complete. We remain available to assist with maintenance and repairs. Ask about our Comfort Club, which ensures your HVAC system is serviced regularly. This can help you save up to 30 percent per year on your energy bills.

We Are Here to Help

Our customers often have questions about the system and its operation. Don’t hesitate to ask.

They will walk you through how to maintain the system properly and increase its efficiency. Our goal is to ensure you get the maximum value for your investment, so we gladly answer questions such as these.

We will explain how we determined the correct size for the unit during our load calculation. Our technician will also tell you what things to look for that indicate your system needs to be serviced by a professional. Early action helps to keep repair costs down.

Call George Plumbing, Heating & Air for Your HVAC Installation

When you choose us, we handle everything. You simply sit back and enjoy a comfortable home or business when our work is done. We are your local HVAC experts and will show you why that is the case.

We have been helping the residents of Fallbrook since 1985, when George Slaven first opened the company. Today, the company remains within George’s family and continues to operate on the same principles that made him so successful.

We always put our customers first, as we know we wouldn’t be here today without you. Call us to schedule your HVAC project. We can’t wait to help you complete it, so your home or business stays at a comfortable temperature all year round. 

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