AC Replacement in Fallbrook, California

On average, as long as you have it serviced regularly, your AC unit will last about ten years. It’s always wise to research your next AC choice before your current unit needs to be replaced.

Air conditioners have the unfortunate tendency to stop working in the middle of the hottest months. There are a lot of families who just want to be comfortable again immediately in their home, so they do not think through the replacement they get. To avoid this situation, you can call for AC Replacement in Fallbrook right before the summer kicks in. They can assess your home to know the unit that is most compatible there.

If your air conditioner has bitten the dust, a professional can help get it back up and running quickly. You can learn more about having your air conditioner replaced below. Call today and learn how you can receive up to $1,250 Rebate on a Daikin Fit System with Thermostat.

AC Repair vs AC Replacement in Fallbrook

However, it’s best to replace than repair faulty units that are still yet to reach their ten-year mark. However, you should be aware that, while repairs may seem to cost less at first, they could end up costing you more in the long run. Therefore, you may wonder when you should try a repair and when a replacement would be best. Here are a few suggestions that can guide you.

Unit is nearing the ten-year mark

If your air conditioner is already nearing the ten-year mark then it may be time to start looking at new AC units to replace it with. A lot of times the recurring repairs that are done on an old unit would turn out to be more expensive than just replacing the AC unit altogether.

The unit sustained minor damage to an internal part

If you find that a part within the unit is broken and it is easy to find a replacement, then there is no need to purchase an entirely new unit just yet. In many cases, it makes more sense to repair rather than replace a unit, especially if it’s not very old.

Unit is leaking refrigerant

If you see fluid leaking from your air conditioner, you may be facing an expensive repair. Often, when an air conditioner is leaking, it’s more cost-effective to replace it than to repair it.

Unit needs a new compressor

When it is the compressor that needs to be replaced in an AC unit, this is considered a major repair. The truth is that if your air-con unit is old and on its way out, it could be financially beneficial for you to consider buying a brand new unit. Although the age of the unit and the expenses should all be properly investigated and taken into account when making your decision.

Recently added more space to your home

If you have extended a part of your home then you will need a new unit. You need to have a proper device depending on the size of your home because using a smaller unit than needed could cause it to break down. You can get professional help with measuring your home and estimating which option would suit your home’s measurements the best.

Unit not cooling the house to your preferences

Not all problems with your cooling system are caused by a faulty unit. Sometimes the problem can be found in the ductwork, insulation, or vents. Don’t jump to the conclusion that your unit needs to be replaced until you’ve had your system inspected by an experienced professional.

What types of AC units are available today?

The decision to replace your air conditioning unit requires more consideration than you might expect. Because with all the technological advances, there are more options to choose from. You’ll want to talk to an professional for AC Replacement in Fallbrook to guide you through the process of choosing the best unit to fit your family’s needs.

The most common air conditioning systems are what is called a split system, with the condenser unit outside the house and the evaporator unit inside. Such types of units are usually chosen by homes with existing ductwork, and energy-efficient models are already common across the industry. In the milder climates, a heat pump is most popular and there are geothermal variations that are available in colder regions.

A ductless mini-split system uses wall mounted blowers in every room, which can be a good option for homes without any ductwork. If certain rooms don’t need cooling, these systems can be helpful for cost-reduction. But if this system is being used for the entire home then this will cost higher than an HVAC unit.