Drain Cleaning in Fallbrook, California

Every time you rinse or wash a dish in your sink, food particles can go down the drain and end up stuck to the walls of the drain pipe. Over time and multiple applications, layers of gunk start to accumulate, making your sink a slow-draining, unsightly mess every time you use it.

Your slow or non-functioning pipes can become free-flowing once again when a plumber uses the latest in drain cleaning technology. Having a plumber clean the inner walls of your drain pipes will get rid of blockages and foul odors and help prevent future clogs. No matter where it is in your home, you don’t have to settle for an inefficient drain. To get your pipes working like they were just installed, call a professional today for a thorough drain cleaning in Fallbrook, CA .

debris from clogged drain

How is professional drain cleaning in Fallbrook different from commercial drain cleaners?

Drain clogs are known to cause smelly messes in a sink, but they also can result in serious pipe damage. When the water has no place to go, it can eventually cause your pipes to spring a leak, which can damage your home’s floors and walls, not to mention your possessions. The stagnant water from a leak can also attract pests to your home as well as foster the growth of mold.

Drainage clogs should always be addressed immediately, as they could cause further damage and frustration. Though it may be tempting to run to the store and pick up a cheap bottle of drain cleaner, this may not be the most effective solution to your drain issues.

You’re likely to be disappointed with the results you get from using a drain cleaning product purchased from a store, which does no more than create a small opening in a clog and can harm the environment. These cleaners sometimes just give a solution that is temporary. The store-bought cleaners sometimes only clear the start of the debris tube, but the gunk settles farther down the pipe and may contribute to complete blockage later. It just pushes it further away, rather than removing the debris.

A professional drain cleaning in Fallbrook will clear the pipes of debris completely. If you are concerned about harsh chemicals that will be used on your drain, many plumbers now make use of natural products.

Professionals carry several helpful tools to take care of any drain issue that arises, no matter if it’s your kitchen sink, a toilet clogs, or a washing machine drain. Today, many plumbers use a drain camera to enable them to see what’s going on deep within a clogged pipe. Your pipes will be as good as new after a drain cleaning!

How does hydro jetting work?

There’s no need to pour caustic chemicals down the drain when you can call on a professional to clean your pipes using the hydro-jetting method. In this technique, the drain is sprayed down with a high-pressure jet stream of water.

Using a hydro-jet to clear a pipe can create a mess, but professionals will never leave your home without cleaning up after themselves. Jet-streaming is a way to clear an entire pipe, making it highly unlikely that there will be any more clogs in the near future. Your pipes will be clearer and free-flowing for a longer time, which saves the homeowner the continual cost of frequently needing to buy drain cleaners.

Hydro-jetting is an environmentally safe way to clear pipe obstructions because the process uses only water. This can also be used to remove materials from the sewer lines that have clogged it. Rather than slicing into a sewer line to clear it, the hydro-jet makes for a snappy and simple cleanup job.

What if the disposal is the problem?

Sometimes a kitchen drain will work just fine, but sometimes the problem is the disposal preventing water from properly draining. Large pieces of food or other materials can prove too tough for disposal to break down, causing a jam. Sometimes a homeowner can clear the debris from the disposal on their own, but other times the jam is too complicated for them.

An expert will be able to figure out what the issue is and get your disposal back in working order. If your garbage disposal needs to be replaced, the technician can explain your options and install a new unit, usually the same day. Most new disposals may include a lifetime warranty, so when it comes to their disposal, homeowners can have peace of mind.

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