Ductless Mini Split Repair in Fallbrook, CA

George Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to help if you need a ductless mini split repair. Maintenance is of great help in minimizing the need for repairs, but the system still undergoes wear and tear. As a result, regular maintenance can’t always prevent a system malfunction.

Our team of technicians undergoes training to ensure they can handle any mini split repair. They can fix a mini split blowing cold air on heat, a ductless air conditioning repair, a ductless mini split cleaning service, and more. All you need to do is ask.

George Slaven founded this business in 1984 by knocking on doors to ask if anyone needed help with their HVAC system. His genuine personality drew people in, along with his master plumbing skills. To this day, we only hire people who believe in doing what is right for the customer, just as George did back then.

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When Do You Need a Ductless Mini Split Repair?

All components within the system must work efficiently and effectively. If one part malfunctions, the entire system could stop working. Avoid this by having regular maintenance completed. Our team will happily take this task on for you.

If a part does break, however, call us for your ductless mini split air conditioner repair in Fallbrook, CA. It is often challenging to find the problem, but our technicians will do so.

Thanks to their years of experience, they know how to narrow down the potential causes to find the source quickly and easily. We will complete your mini split repair quickly, so all areas of the home heat and cool properly once again.

The Air Coming Out of the System Isn’t the Right Temperature

You need a ductless mini split repair in Fallbrook when the mini split isn’t blowing cold air. The same holds when the mini split is blowing cold air on heat. The problem may be as simple as the thermostat isn’t set at the correct temperature.

Call us for a mini split repair if this isn’t the issue. The problem could be something as simple as a clogged air filter or vent.

However, it could also be a blockage in a condenser coil or frozen condenser coils caused by a lack of refrigerant. Call us and will send someone trained in mini split services out to help.

The System Leaks

Every mini split system has a drain pan designed to collect moisture from the warm air in the home. If this pan cracks or rusts, the system will usually leak water. Call us and we will replace the pan to stop the leak.

The same holds if the drain holds the accumulated moisture. The unit may leak. Call us to clear the drain line and stop the water from overflowing. Fixing leaks of this type is one of the mini split services we offer.

Power Issues

We often get calls from customers who are having problems getting their unit to turn on. A tripped circuit breaker, a thermostat that is malfunctioning, and a dirty filter can all lead to this problem. Let us know. We’ll get someone out to complete a ductless mini split repair in Fallbrook.

The unit might run continuously if it lacks the proper amount of refrigerant. People often assume this is a power issue, when in fact it is a refrigerant problem. Our technician will complete a ductless AC repair to prevent this from happening.

When Will Repair Suffice and When Should You Replace the Mini Split Unit?

You want the best value for your money. When we visit your home to complete a ductless mini split repair, we will let you know if it is time for a replacement.

These systems can last for 20 years or more, but you might find you need to call for ductless AC repair more often as the system ages. We’ll let you know when the time comes for a replacement. We only make this recommendation when it is in your best interests.

Inspections and Maintenance

Have your system regularly inspected and maintained is essential. This maintenance and inspection should take place at least once each year.

During this visit, our technician examines the entire system to find any potential problems. They will recommend a ductless mini split repair if they see any parts that are in danger of failing.

In addition, they may recommend a ductless mini split cleaning service to keep the system in good working order. Our goal is to ensure the system works when you need it.

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